UpCity uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the provider’s overall Recommendability Rating. The algorithm evaluates a number of credibility signals, scores them individually and weights them to determine the overall rating. The most important credibility signals we evaluate include:

UpCity Profile Completion

Contributing to 20% of your overall rating, the information on your profile is very helpful to the businesses that come to UpCity to find a great B2B service provider.

UpCity Reviews

Contributing to 40% of the overall rating, the reviews you gather on UpCity provide an in-depth view of how your customers feel about you and your services.

Google Reviews

Contributing to 10% of the overall rating, Google visibility continues to be one of the most important ways that businesses connect with service providers they can trust. The reviews you gather on Google My Business give UpCity (and prospective customers) a better view of how your current and past customers feel about your performance.

UpCity Engagement

Businesses come to UpCity to find providers they can trust. By activating your account and interacting with our community—like recruiting & responding to reviews—we can be confident in ensuring those businesses would have a positive experience working with you. UpCity Engagement contributes to 10% of the overall rating.

Search Visibility (“SERP”)

How prominent your business ranks in search engines is a good indicator of your overall expertise and relevance in your field. SERP contributes to 5% of the overall rating.

Listing / Location Consistency

UpCity checks to verify that your business is consistent with name, website, and contact information between your GoogleMyBusiness and UpCity. Listing accuracy is also Google's method for determining whether or not it can trust a local business search result. Listing/Location Consistency contributes to 5% of the overall rating.

Domain Authority

UpCity uses Majestic’s Citation Flow metric as a predictor of how much authority your domain has in the eyes of Google and others. We then take this metric and statistically normalize across our providers to determine your score. Domain authority contributes to 5% of the overall rating.

Website Speed + Experience

The speed of your website has an impact on your prospects’ first impression of your business. UpCity uses Google’s PageSpeed Insights for information on your website performance. This contributes to 5% of the overall rating.

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