There are many ways to improve your Recommendability Rating. In the Contributing Credibility Signals section of My Recommendability, you can see a breakdown of how you perform on the most important signals that we evaluate. At the bottom of the page, there are tips on how to improve each credibility signal. By working through each of the signals, you will have a direct positive impact on your overall Recommendability Rating.

How do I improve my UpCity Profile Completion Signal?

Be sure your profile is complete with up-to-date information as your business grows and changes. You can complete your profile in the My Expertise section.

How do I improve my UpCity Reviews score?

Keep getting reviews! Your score will increase as your review count grows. UpCity offers multiple resources to assist you as an UpCity Certified Partner: through our do-it-yourself review recruitment tool in My Reviews to our White Glove Review program.

How do I improve my Google Reviews Signal?

Keep getting pushing for reviews on your Google My Business listing. And—this is crucial—don’t ignore those reviews. 97% of review-seeking buyers read businesses’ responses to reviews, so stay engaged!

How do I improve my UpCity Engagement?

Staying engaged with not only UpCity, but with your own clients helps to paint a picture to prospective customers of what it's like working with you.

- Activate your UpCity account by [logging in]

(link to

- Optimize your UpCity profile by getting at least a 5.5 profile completion score

- Recruit at least one UpCity review

- Respond to at least one of your UpCity reviews

- Submit an Expert Post

- Feature an UpCity badge on your website

How do I improve my Search Visibility Signal?

We sure do love content, don’t we? Treat your website like a living, breathing creature by feeding it with frequent updates and fresh content. A strong link-building strategy, long-tail keywords, and a great overall experience will also help you see improvements.

How do I improve my Listing/Location Consistency Signal?

UpCity checks to verify that your business name, website and contact information is consistent on Google My Business and UpCity. Listing accuracy is also Google's method for determining whether or not it can trust a local business search result.

How do I improve my Domain Authority Signal?

This one tends to build slowly over time. The best thing to do is keep engaging with your audience, keep building high-authority links to your site from legitimate sources, and above all, avoid “spammy” practices.

How do I improve my Website Speed and Experience Signal?

Check out tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse for recommendations on how to improve your page speed and experience.

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