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How should I respond to a negative review? What are some review response best practices?

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We know that receiving a negative review is frustrating, especially when the complaint seems to misrepresent your values as a business. However, studies have shown that a well crafted response can actually put your business in a position to look even more trustworthy and authentic than a profile with strictly 5-star reviews!

At UpCity, we believe that coming off too combative and recounting the situation back and forth too much via a response to the review can look bad to others. So we suggest keeping the response short, reiterating your values as a business, and then trying to take the conversation offline. We also suggest having the response be signed off at the end by a "real" person to help with authenticity.

If you need any help responding to a negative (or positive!) review, don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to

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