The UpCity community is comprised of marketers, designers, accountants, engineers, developers, and experts from a wide variety of other B2B specialties. Now, you can be a part of it too!

Contributing to an expert post is a great way to establish your credibility, promote your expertise to a wider audience, and help your UpCity Engagement. To get started, simply log in to the UpCity platform and visit the Expert Posting section.

Once there, read through the editorial guidelines and click Get Started to submit your expert post request!

Specific Guidelines and Fine Print

Submissions should be 1,000 to 2,000 words long and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Image files numbered sequentially, no more than 600px wide

  • Note where images should be placed in the document

  • Meta description for the post

  • An author bio that is 100 words or fewer

  • A square headshot (500px preferred)

Examples of content that will not be approved are:

  • Topics that have appeared on our blog before. Be sure to review our blog archive while planning your post topic

  • Self-promotional material or content that focuses heavily on your own business instead of strategies others can apply

  • Content that includes unnatural links, paid links, or any other link-building efforts

  • Content that is offensive or vulgar

  • Content that is factually questionable or inaccurate

  • Content that is overly critical or vindictive or designed to incite a negative response

We accept original, non-syndicated content only.

  • We will not publish or republish content that has been posted anywhere else at any other time.

  • Republishing elsewhere will result in the removal of your post from UpCity.

The article and topic should be reflective of the UpCity writing style and voice.

  • Our content is casual and informal in approachability, but aims to always provide a tangible benefit to the reader, such as education or entertainment.

Proper references or attribution are required. Please include these as in-text hyperlinks within your post.

  • No unlicensed or unauthorized use of content owned by an external party will be permitted on the UpCity blog.

Links to your business’s website in the body copy will be set to no-follow and may be removed at the discretion of our team.

  • Generally, we only allow links to your business’s website if they link to helpful resources on your site such as blog posts, e-books, videos, etc.

Submissions must meet our quality criteria to be eligible for posting.

  • All final post decisions are at the discretion of the UpCity editorial team.


  • Where do I go to submit a topic request?

    • In your customer portal–the same place you’ve been going to submit a pitch. The portal will just look different to reflect our latest changes now. Log in and check it out!

  • What if I don't like the topic suggestions?

    • In the topic request form, we ask for your interests and areas of expertise to ensure we tailor topics to fit your business and brand. If you’re still not feeling the topics, no worries! We’ll work together to find other options.

  • Can I select more than one topic?

    • That’s fine, but our one post per quarter rule still stands. We also reserve the right to later change a topic if it becomes less timely or relevant down the line. Should that be the case, we’ll supply you with a different topic.

  • Can I still pitch myself?

    • Absolutely! Just know that like before, this doesn’t guarantee your pitch will be accepted or we may need to alter it to help distinguish your topic from similar ones on our blog. That’s why we now offer topic requests to provide you with guaranteed acceptance so you can get to work on your blog post sooner than later!

  • Who do I contact with questions about Expert Guest Posting?

The UpCity team reserves the right to make edits, changes, and adaptations to your content to better fit our content guidelines.

The UpCity team reserves the right to update and change your content in the future to ensure accuracy.

The UpCity team reserves the right to include call-to-action language and visual elements within your post’s page, including (but not limited to) newsletter sign-ups and free trials.

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