What is an UpCity Experts Guest Post?

The UpCity Experts blog is an outlet to showcase your credibility and industry expertise for potential buyers in need of your services. Our content is casual and informal, yet professional, and aims to provide a tangible benefit to the reader.

To ensure our customers get the most out of a blog contribution, our team is always in search of contributors for our “Key Business Questions” (KBQ) topics–or common buyer questions. When you contribute a guest post that offers your expert insight on a KBQ topic, you’re helping meet potential customers where they are and further engage them as leads.

When you turn a completed draft in, our teams add images, edit, and optimize it to help increase the performance of your post and UpCity profile. Win-win for you and our buyers!

What an UpCity Guest Post is Not:

We strive to stay knowledgeable in the B2B landscape and listen to the data when it comes to lead generation and buyer behavior. The truth is, people don’t like to be sold to.

For that reason, we strictly prohibit promotional content. An UpCity guest blog post isn’t the opportunity to advertise your services, staff achievements, etc. We (and search engines!) find that letting your expertise speak for itself is the best route.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

As a certified partner, you have the chance to showcase your expertise to potential buyers across the world.

  • Content published in another outlet with a buyer-focused audience

  • Improve your UpCity profile performance

  • Author bio including a link to your website

  • Backlink opportunities (please read what acceptable backlinks are)

What We Expect From Contributors

  • Original, non-syndicated content. Cannot be published already or re-published.

  • Valuable data with reputable links and sources

  • Articles that clearly answer questions valuable to marketers

  • Blog formats such as

  • Focus on updated news and trends regarding industries in which your agency is a thought leader

  • Do not submit self-promotional material or links to your business website. Promotional content will be removed in the editing process or not published.

Post Requirements

To be accepted, the post should be 1,000-1,500 words and must include:

  • Links to sources used to verify information (link in body copy)

  • Non-promotional editorial content

  • An author bio that is 100 words or fewer with a 500px square headshot

  • Images are optional, however, should you choose to include them, see the requirements below


Upon selection of a topic, customers will have a month to submit a draft of their blog. If you cannot meet the deadline, simply let us know at experts@upcity.com! Failure to meet the deadline or communicate may result in UpCity assigning your topic to another customer.

Once you hand in your draft, your post is added to our queue of posts to be edited, optimized, and uploaded on your behalf. To ensure fairness for all of our participating customers, we cannot let you “jump the line,” to have your post published earlier than its place in the queue.

The moment your post is live, a member of the editorial team will email you with a link. The post will live on the Experts blog and your UpCity profile. From there, you are encouraged to promote it on your social media channels and email newsletters. Republishing the content elsewhere, however, is prohibited.


Links to your business’s website in the body copy will be set to no-follow and may be removed at the discretion of our team. A follow link to your website will be in your author bio.

We only allow links to your business’s website if they link to helpful resources such as blog posts, e-books, videos, etc.

Promotional links or links to your contact information will be removed.


To keep your post cohesive with the rest of the blog, UpCity will provide images. Please note that if you provide images, they may not be used in the final published piece.

Specific Guidelines

  • One published post is allowed per quarter

  • If the customer misses their deadline, UpCity reserves the right to reassign the topic

  • Examples of content that will not be published are:

  • Articles and topics not reflective of the UpCity style and voice

  • Self-promotional material, or focus on your business

  • Unnatural links paid links or any other link-building efforts

  • Offensive or vulgar

  • Unsubstantiated claims that are factually questionable or inaccurate

  • Overly critical or vindictive, or designed to incite a negative response

  • Submissions should be 1,000-1,500 words

    • An author bio that is 100 words or fewer with a 500px square headshot

  • Images:

    • By providing images, the customer verifies that UpCity has the right to publish. UpCity is not responsible for copyright violations.

    • Note where images should be placed in the text of the draft

    • No company logos or promotional material

  • We accept original, non-syndicated content. We will not publish or republish content that has been posted anywhere else, at any other time. Republishing elsewhere will result in the removal of your post.

  • Proper references or attribution are required. No unlicensed or unauthorized use of content owned by an external party will be permitted.

  • Submissions must meet our criteria to be eligible for posting. All final post decisions are at the discretion of the UpCity editorial team.

  • The UpCity team reserves the right to make edits, changes, and adaptations to your content to better fit our content guidelines.

  • The UpCity team reserves the right to update and change your content in the future to ensure accuracy.

  • The UpCity team reserves the right to include call-to-action language and visual elements within your post’s page, including (but not limited to) newsletter sign-ups and free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to select a topic to write on?

In the Insights section of your customer portal. Log in and check it out!

What if I don't like the topics?

Reach out to experts@upcity.com and let us know what you’d like to cover. We’ll work together to find options that are right for your business.

Can I still pitch myself?

Absolutely! Just know that this doesn’t guarantee your pitch will be accepted or we may need to alter it to help distinguish your topic from similar ones on our blog. Please reach out to experts@upcity.com to confirm your pitch before you begin writing.

Can I select more than one topic?

To ensure fairness and equal representation for all customers, we permit one post per quarter. We’re always updating our topics to stay relevant for both our customers and buyers. If you’d like to write another blog post for the next quarter, check back in to select another topic when you’re ready to write again.

What are the image requirements for my blog?

To keep your post cohesive with the rest of the blog, UpCity will provide images. And we are no longer accepting images along with submissions.

Time flew by and now I cannot make the deadline. What should I do?

Reach out to experts@upcity.com and let the editorial team know to keep your topic reserved. If you miss your deadline and don’t communicate with the UpCity team, we reserve the right to reassign the topic to another customer.

Who do I contact with questions about Expert Guest Posting?

Reach us at experts@upcity.com. Make sure to add it to your guestbook so our messages don’t go to spam.

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