Word travels fast these days, but especially when it comes to your business's online reputation. Many businesses focus on generating positive reviews but neglect another important type of social proof that hugely impacts buyer decisions: badges.

Badges, certifications, endorsements...this type of social proof goes by many names, but the idea is the same; these small images on your website help demonstrate your expertise and your trustworthiness to potential customers.

UpCity provides a number of customizable badge options so you can promote your expertise and leverage the power of social proof however you see fit.

To create a new badge, log in to the UpCity platform and visit the My Expertise section in the left sidebar. Once there, visit the My Badges area in the top navigation bar.

Click Create a New Badge and select the service you'd like to promote, then click Next. UpCity provides three color options: full color, single color (dark), and single color (white); choose your desired color, then click Next.

The final step in badge creation is choosing where you'd like your badge to link. Your options include one of your national or local lists for your selected service, a partner spotlight link (a link to one of your lists that places you at the top with a special callout), your UpCity profile, or directly to your UpCity reviews. Make your selection, then click Save Badge.

Finally, copy the provided embed code and add it to your site in the desired location.

As a reminder, adding a badge to your site is also another way to improve your UpCity Engagement!

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